Ear Wax Removal

Ear Cleaning Using Specialist Instruments

Sometimes the easiest way to get rid of ear wax is with the use of specialist instruments. Using high-powered magnification (Loupes) or the video scope, it is often possible to remove wax and other obstructions without the need for suction, or water.

If this is the case, we allow 30 minutes for your appointment but it usually takes less time than this. Again, because we have an excellent view of your ear canal, we can see clearly what we are doing. This makes this an exceptionally safe method of ear wax removal. 

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how Manual ear wax removal is done

We use a set of high-powered magnification Loupes or the video scope to see clearly into the ear canal. We then use special instruments that allow us to scoop out the ear wax manually. The entire process usually takes up to thirty minutes

our pricing

Manual Ear Wax Removal
£50 for one ear, £75 for two

Looking For Safe, Easy & Fuss Free Ear Wax Removal?

We offer no fuss, no mess earwax removal in our Belfast hearing aid centre